Western Civilization 1

Lesson 5 Essay: From Abraham to Moses

Lesson 10 Essay: Before Ancient Greece

Lesson 15 Essay: Ancient Greece’s Contribution and you can also read Informative

Lesson 20 Essay: Socrates vs The Sophists

Lesson 25 Essay: Eudaimonia?

Lesson 30 Essay: Persian and Peloponnesian Wars

Lesson 35 Essay: Religion vs. The Truth

Lesson 40 Essay: Part 1: Ancient and Modern Liberty

Part 2: Epicureanism

Lesson 45 Essay: Part 1: Tiberius Gracchus

Part 2: The Struggle of the Orders

Lesson 50 Essay: How Rome Became an Empire

Lesson 55 Essay: Seneca and Paul

Lesson 60 Essay: Nothing Like Greek Philosophy

Lesson 65 Essay: Pliny, Trajan, the Christians / Brief Overview of the Didache

Lesson 70 Essay: Monasticism Pros and Cons and God and Philosophers

Lesson 75 Essay: A Falling Empire and the Barbarians

Lesson 80 Essay: The Significance of Rome and St. Augustine

Lesson 85 Essay: The Franks and the Church

Lesson 90 Essay: Part 1 The Carolingian Renaissance and Part 2 Spreading Christianity in England

Lesson 95 Essay: Islam Selections / Procopius on Justinian

Lesson 100 Essay: Changes in Europe During the IX and X Centuries

Lesson 105 Essay:

Lesson 110 Essay:

Lesson 115 Essay:

Lesson 120 Essay:

Lesson 125 Essay:

Lesson 130 Essay:

Lesson 135 Essay:

Lesson 140 Essay:

Lesson 145 Essay:

Lesson 150 Essay:

***Resource: Having A Pope***


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