Booker T. Washington was a man that wanted racism and inequality abolished. However, he did not stay in the want or in the thought, but he acted upon his desire to make all men equal. He did not see any race as superior from the other, including his race, which was African American. He taught and publicly spoke to both blacks and whites that black people where not to be treated as inferior than all races, that they are a capable race with abilities that many of us don’t have. He wanted his race to gain social acceptance, but not one that would make black people superior than white people. He made a school for blacks that enriched students with the abilities of self-sustainability and responsibility. He always encouraged his students to be clean and to do things before they spoke about them, this, in a way, I believe gives someone a certain authority to speak about doing something.

Like for example, a person that doesn’t know how to climb a mountain because he never has climbed one, tells a group of unexperienced climbers to go up Mount Everest, he doesn’t have the authority to tell them that for he has never fulfilled task. However, if you are an unexperienced climber that climbed Mount Everest and you find a group of people that want to climb the mountain and you tell them that they can do it because you were able to do it without experience; you have authority to tell them they can.

Booker T. Washington wanted to prove to the whites that the African American race was one that could be accepted socially and equally capable to do things as the whites, not seperior than them.


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