Favorite Story

The story that Jim Lehrer wrote that I liked the most was “No Brakes Betsy”. He describes the story in such a manner that, in a way, he makes you enter in it. All the adjectives he uses, the grammar he puts into it, and the voice with which he narrates it, is extraordinary. He literally allows you to relate to him. One starts to think, “what if I was in that situation, what would I do, how would I feel?” You can feel the suspense of a life risking, spontaneous, inevitable situation. The part I like the most is the ending of this story, because he ends it with something he did that was embarrassing for him, but is funny to the reader. And that was him yelling the problem of the bus having no breaks to the world, and if you are a passenger, that fact will obviously bring worries or thanksgiving that the driver helped us make it through.  In short, it was a very entertaining tale.


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