Online Learning vs. Classroom Learning

Online education is bad for society because it puts classroom teachers out of work. I think that the key words here are, “classroom and teacher”. Yes it only places classroom teachers out of work, this is the thing that is seen, but what about teachers that work outside of classrooms this statement, ignores them.

This is the thing that is seen, “classroom teachers getting fired”. Everyone thinks it is horrible, the economy will drop, “what is going to happen?!” However the things unseen are these:

  1. Online education is most probably private and it has to be run by teachers and technicians. An increasing demand of online school education will cause the opening to require more courses making teachers knowledgeable of certain areas add up into online education, creating jobs for teachers that were once fired or never accepted. In addition to the giving of jobs to people that know how to deal with technology really well.
  2. Teachers that run online education can charge at different rates than what public school teachers receive as salary.
  3. In online education, teachers can provide classes that impart greater knowledge. In this way, raising students that can apply to jobs that have a higher salary. Therefore, the students being able to invest more money and generate greater income.
  4. In online education, students can learn in a practical and quick way, or at their own pace absorbing as much knowledge as they can, graduating with a great amount of information. Causing more people that are useful.
  5. Online school education sometimes needs tutoring, and teachers that are out of jobs can teach a great number of those that need the help. Here again, they can charge at their own criteria.
  6. Online school education, also means that students study at home and you don’t need to pay the extra money of taxes to support schools or if parents take their children to school, they can save the gas money.

Anyway, I believe that there are at least fifty benefits against one or two disadvantages, maybe three, for society in online school education.


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