Paying the Piper

“He, who pays the piper, calls the tune.” In the year 1833 the last state to stop funding churches was Massachusetts and four years later it was the first to set up a state department of education. Why is that? Well, it is all about having or taking the authority over the education of children. He, who pays for the education of the children, decides what they will learn.

If a church nowadays were to be state-subsidized, that would mean that the owner of that church would be the state. The state would control everything and eventually end up controlling the doctrine of the place. In addition, the state would fund that church by what it gains from taxpayers, some of them might not even be members of the church and might even be against the religion that is taught in that church and still be funding it. Making, in this way, the taxation unfair and allowing it to become plunder, for the wealth of those taxpayers would be transferred unwillingly from their hands to the church. However, the state has stopped funding churches, “what a relief”. But now, the problem arises with state-subsidized schools.

Is there neutrality in the mixing of water with oil? Can an education really be neutral? Today and for a long time, it is and has been said that state education is neutral, but it is not. Just as a church funded by the state can get controlled in its preaching, meaning that if an authority within that church starts talking against the state, the state can freely come in and say, “If you keep saying that, I will take away all that you have, because, ultimately, I own it.” The state can do and say the same thing with the education of a school funded by it. The education within schools is in favor of the state, making the state and what it does the “religious education” of state-subsidized schools.

The average amount of daily time spent by students in public schools is of seven hours. Then, when they go back home, they spend another hour in homework. Afterward, the students may or may not have an extracurricular activity in their school or elsewhere and spend at least another 2 hours in that. Leaving a total of 10 hours or so spent away from their families. And parents sometimes when they hear the ideas or words that come out of their children, ask themselves and they say, “Where did he/she get that one from? I don’t talk that way. I never taught him/her that.” And when they try to talk to their children about it, it turns out that the parent is at work, or the child has to be in some sort of extracurricular activity.

While both, the child and the parent, are doing their daily activities, the child is being taught to support and become part of a bureaucracy that is in favor of the politics of plunder. They say that taxing to fund schools is fair because the education taught within them is not in favor or against any of the religions in the world. That it is a mixture of them all. Doesn’t that create a new religion? The Roman Catholic Church was formed because of the mixture of Christianity with the pagan cults of the Roman Empire. The schools do the same thing; they mix all religions and teach one big religion that honors the State god, which is a group of men and women, ultimately letting man be the god of man. And as I have mentioned before, man cannot do things properly when he alone holds a lot of power over other people.

In some public schools you cannot even speak of your religion without taking the risk of some sort of discipline, like a report on your record, a detention, suspension, and even expulsion. This takes away the strength of a faith in something to turn it over to some other thing. Parents do not pay, therefore, have no authority to raise their children, and today schools are absorbing the focus of children more and more. That is why we have families that tear apart, or rebellious children to their parents, and instead of the parents wanting to take control of the piper, they don’t want to go through the trouble of raising their children, so they hand them on to the schools subsidized by the state more and more.

Now this makes a society without understanding, without the ability to reason for themselves, without the ability to seek out a real foundation, without the ability to question what they are told to be the truth, and without the ability to follow their faith and manifest it. This makes a people that are easily perishable, weak in spirit, captive in thought, that cannot do or have anything without their State god, “man controlling man”. The authority over children in this system is the state, and families need to regain control over it. “He, who pays the piper, calls the tune.”


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