What easier way is there to pay than getting someone else to do it for you? Because the voice of money is quite deafening, the majority of people would hardly say no to a proposal that brings great comfort. As a matter of fact when you combine the voice of money with the voice of ego, it becomes extremely difficult for someone to give a “no” for an answer to something free (which really just means someone else paid for it). The heart of the matter is that nothing in this universe is truly free, everything has or had a cost and a price. This means that to get some resources you inevitably have to exchange others. Being blunt, sometimes people “give free resources” or pay for you in exchange of your freedom. In other words, getting something for free sounds beautiful at first, but it has terrible consequences upon others and upon you.

Allow me to explain. When someone else (known or unknown) pays for you, normally people will feel compelled to like or have some sort of appreciation for that someone. You will want to give them back the favor as long as it suits your resources. When you give them back the favor, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. However, if that someone continues to pay for you in overwhelming ways, you will ultimately and definitely be surpassed. Here you will have two choices, continue to receive the money and pay back the favor by becoming a servant of such someone or stop receiving the “free resources” and begin working to pay them yourself. Here is where greed and the lack of desire to work influence ones decisions.

Let’s say you continue to receive the resources and the someone paying for you makes a contract with you. Suppose they are giving you resources to pay for the food of your restaurant. However, they are vegan and thus tell you that if you still want to receive the money to buy your food and make your own profit, you have to stop selling real meat and sell soy meat. You don’t think it’s a big deal and you do it only losing about 25% of your old customers, but gaining new richer ones because your giver invites his friends to eat at your restaurant. Yet, when they are eating at your restaurant, it turns out that one of them doesn’t like one of your waiters face and squeaky voice. Therefore your giver tells you to fire him and hire someone prettier with a deeper voice if you still want his friends to come over. You do it.

This is what happens when you have a welfare state that funds other people’s resources. They will in the end have the authority to call the tune of your piper because money conveyed such authority. In tax-funded schools the state is the one that provides the building, the desks, the food, the books, and the curriculum. Here they have the final call in deciding how practically everything in the student’s environment must occur. They control the knowledge the student can or cannot receive. This ultimately means that the state will use its power to create a knowldge that ends up favoring it. Tax-funded schools are therefore bureaucratized, meaning that they are state-taught, state-controlled, and state-favored. The teachers and the students do not have the freedom to teach and learn what they prefer, but what the state forces them, although they still receive everything for “free”.

The people might ask, how is it possible for the state to control what we learn if we paid it in the first place with our taxed money? The truth is that taxing is obligatory and the state is the one that decides how much will be taxed and who will be taxed. The instant you involuntarily place your money in the hands of the state, you lose control over it. You have no idea where that amount you gave will end and how it will be used. You also have no idea if the money you gave will be given to something you need, want or even support. What if the taxed money is being handled by politicians you did not even want in the office in the first place? So yes, taxed money is not in control or owned anymore by you, but by the state. That is the crude reality.

Money governed by the state will be used by the state as it may or may not of right do and it will control all of the people it gives money to. Hence, in principle a tax-funded church is no different than a tax-funded school. The sate will control the teachings in both to favor the state. And personally I believe that those (the state) who taxed money -taken coercively from other people- to use for their interests lack integrity and do not deserve honor. Worst than these people are those (state subsidized / tax-funded) who receive the money from the sate to not pay for what they owe. What type of church that supposedly trusts in God teaches to trust in plunder and what type of education are we allowing our children to receive by being bureaucratized? Begin by paying for the piper to call the tune.


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