Flying on Coach or on First

When we choose to travel, we normally prefer to fly. Flying is faster and cheaper in many senses, especially in saving the resource of time. Although some people might see flying as a very sacrificial labor, because they are afraid of heights. Whatever the case, the majority of people rather flying than walking, running, riding a bike, going on bus, going on car, or going on a motorhome to move throughout long distances. However, when we have already set flying as our preference of travel, we still have some difficulties in conforming to our selections within this breakthrough of our corporal capacity of mobility.

Society is marked by economy, that virtually within every thing you want to acquire, the difference of rich class, middle class, and poor class is clearly evident. When you choose to fly, there is the difference of coach class and first class. The prices reflect the bidders or buyers each class is dedicated to. Yet, many of the technological advances in software have made pricing very competitive between the sellers and the reduction of government regulation has made prices more free to move up or down. This obviously gives buyers the opportunity to establish prices through bidding. People nowadays do not care about quality or image when it comes to flying. Instead, it is all about the allocation of resources or commodities; money, time, opportunity, and self interest, in other words.

If I were to travel with my family, obviously the longed option would be flying in first class, synonym of more space, comfort, entertainment, excellent service, and good food. However, we would have to take into account our economic possibilities of taking this decision, that is to say, what would we exchange or rather sacrifice in order to fly in first class. If you’re rich you obviously don’t care what the costs are, but of course, if you get a bargain (seeing it with rich eyes) you would prefer that. However, the average person (at the moment, my family and I) does care about price.

So, we would have to analyze our destination and the activities we have planned and those that we have not. For example, we are going to a nice coastal city, we have to check the quantity of distance between our hometown and the destination, this includes the resource of time (the longer the distance, the longer the time). Also, if there is lots of gastronomic diversity and we want to taste as much of the meals we can, if there is nice malls to shop, and a variety of three to five star hotels. We maybe have planned to visit certain tourist areas in three days, but maybe we desire to stay a fourth day if we did not get enough time to see the other areas. All of this takes energy, money (without a doubt), and again time.

These factors influence the primary decision you take when traveling on plane, and that is the amount of money you want to invest in your flight. Maybe you like to drink lots of water, maybe you want to have three meals in a long flight, maybe you want wi-fi, maybe you want first class but prefer to travel in coach due to the relatively short distance of the flight or maybe you just want to save the money to buy something extra in your vacation or business trip. Whatever the case my family and I would take our decisions based on these exchanges. If my parents need the space and comfort, they could travel in first class and my sister and I could go on coach. Another option would be the four of us on coach or the four of us on first class. In any decision taken I would always prefer first class, and it would be nice to find a good promotion now and then, but flying on coach is still flying.


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