Islam Selections / Procopius on Justinian

1) What do you learn about Islam from the Koran selections you read? Koran Selection

The Islamic religion praises and follows only one god and that is Allah. Allah is not a trinity, he is self-sufficient. Those who do not believe in this god are unrighteous and live in the ways of folly. Allah will punish them through his followers and whosoever battles against them. The enemies or disbelievers of Allah may be slaughtered and imprisoned by those who believe in this god. Every muslim must follow what has been revealed to one man and that is Muhammad. If one helps to the cause of Allah, he will prosper their works and make those of their enemies vain. Allah destroys unbelievers eternally.” This is what I basically learn about the Koran selection of chapters (Surahs) 1 and 47 of the Koran. Should we follow this religion just because one man, Muhammad, randomly said it was the truth and went on battling against all those who disagreed with him? You judge.

2) What kind of person emerges from the Procopius portrayal of Justinian? Procopius on Justinian

The person that emerges from Procopius potrayal of Justinian is one that deserves nothing more and nothing else than the capital punishment. Justinian was not a politician, governor, emperor, soldier, or even mercenary, he was a criminal that knew how to obtain power and make everyone do as he said. It did not matter if it was through plunder, deceit, homicide, slaughter, threat he knew how to do as he desired, but was also foolish enough to believe anything they told him. That at least to what Procopius says of Justinian.


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