Socrates vs The Sophists

One of the greatest points of controversy in greek philosophy is that one of Socrates and the Sophists. The Sophists were a group of thinkers that believed in no absolute truth, that man was the measure of all things, that laws were a mere convention and that through logos (speech or thought) you could come to persuade people into believing the illusion of reality. This moral relativism corrupts because everyone acts in their best interest and according to what is right or wrong to each individual.

The sophist way of thought was utterly opposed by Socratese. Socratese is thought to be the main or one of the three greek phiosophers to have laid foundation for the west’s way of thought. This man sought absolute truths and that took him to realize that there could only be one true justice. With the existence of truth being discovered only through reason, Socarates explained that knowledge is virtue and a good life is that one that examines itself and pursuits knowledge. Socrates destroyed the whole Sophist belief in sayng that if the Sophists were to be right, then those who disagree with them are correct as well because their philospphy is true for them.



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