Memorable Things

Memorable images that have stayed within me from the autobiography of Booker T. Washington are his great ambition to gain an education and the way his mother encouraged him by sharing that ambition. Booker always was focused on one main goal and that was to be educated at any costs. Even though he had to work as a miner from a very young age he was persistent into learning. It didn’t matter to him that at late hours at night he was learning, he just wanted to learn. He thought that the education he received would enable him to succeed. His family was poor. Even under those circumstances, his mother always did what was necessary to obtain the resources that would inspire Booker to continue in his ambition of learning. Maybe, if that cheering would not have been of his mother, perhaps he may have lost hope of learning at some point. He worked his butt off every day in salt and coal mines and also went to school. His dedications into learning that took him to defeat all obstacles and his mother’s vital encouragement have truly impacted me.


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