What is His Life Story?

I believe that if Henry David Thoreau would have provided more background information of his whole life, his autobiography would have been more comprehensible. He starts the book saying that he writes it to answer the questions of people about his days in the pond, but fills it with strange ideals, philosophies, and confusing language. More biological formation about his childhood, teenage years, and maybe young adulthood, might have been good enough to justify, in a way, his beliefs. For example, why did he believe it was better not to marry? Does that have anything to do with his mother being single; is she even single, or widowed? Did his parents not get along, did he witness parental fights? Or is it just because he doesn’t want any challenges or responsibilities in life? Is that the reason why he went to the pond? Did he go through poverty in younger years and that is why he is against working, trade, and luxuries? Did he suffer lots of rejection and that is why he prefers to be alone? What is this guy’s life-story, besides the things he experienced in Walden Pond? His autobiography is scarce in this sense. It would have been a more interesting ‘autobiography’ to know more information about his life.


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