English 1: Autobiographies

Check out my Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC) English 1 Essays.

Lesson 10 Essay: Three Stories 

Lesson 15 Essay: Good Heart Attack

Lesson 20 Essay: Favorite Story

Lesson 25 Essay: Turning Points

Lesson 30 Essay: Bad Choice Kourdakov

Lesson 35 Essay: Kourdakov’s Contrasts

Lesson 40 Essay: Dialogues In An Autobiography

Lesson 45 Essay: The Incident

Lesson 50 Essay: Books’ Impact

Lesson 55 Essay: Booker T. Washington Against the Slave System

Lesson 60 Essay: Memorable Things

Lesson 65 Essay: Equality

Lesson 70 Essay: How I See The Future

Lesson 75 Essay: Plunkitt’s Patriotism and Jobs

Lesson 80 Essay: The Openness of Plunkitt’s Money Earning

Lesson 85 Essay: A Disjointed Autobiography

Lesson 90 Essay: The Self-Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

Lesson 95 Essay: Shooting At The Right Target

Lesson 100 Essay: Reconstructed Discourse

Lesson 105 Essay: A Different Autobiography

Lesson 110 Essay: Slavery and Sanctions

Lesson 115 Essay: Morally Evil System

Lesson 120 Essay: Separation’s Grief

Lesson 125 Essay: Adopting the Contrasts of Solomon Northup

Lesson 135 Essay: Thoreau on the Division of Labor

Lesson 140 Essay: What is His Life Story?

Lesson 145 Essay: Summarizing Your Philosophy in an Autobiography

Lesson 150 Essay: Describing Ant Wars or Loons

Lesson 155 Essay: Events of My Autobiography

Lesson 160 Essay: Shocked

Lesson 165 Essay: Why Notes for an Autobiography?

Lesson 170 Essay: Equiano in the Navy

Lesson 175 Essay: So What?


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