The Significance of Rome

The Roman Empire is one of the greatest contributors to the development of Western civilization. Due to its considerable spread, Rome was able to influence not only the West, but a large amount of the East as well. Rome’s influence covers religion, art, architecture, philosophy, government, and other areas, too.

When it comes to religion we know that the spread of Christianity wouldn’t have been very easy. The Roman Empire made Christianity its official religion and all its territories were to practice it, thus the most part of Europe adopted the religion. Even after the fall of the empire, these territories remained largely influenced and even governed by the Catholic Church for centuries to come. This eventually led to the christianization of the New World.

Just as religion, the preservation and spread of Greek philosophy and culture was possible. This also comprises Latin literature. Writers like Virgil, Ovid, Cicero, Seneca and others were continued to be read and studied deeply throughout the history of the Western world.

I believe that the key into making all of this proliferation and coservation possible is language. Latin is the foundation of five different languages (Romance languages) in the world, three of which are both spoken in Europe and the Americas. Other Germanic languages like English hold about 50% of Latin origin in their vocabulary. Additionally, Latin is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church. Obviously this opens an opportunity for a great number of people to learn different languages and therefore communicate with facility all around the world.

The idea of there being a Natural law and the propagation of it is owed to the Roman Empire. Natural law alludes to the concept of there being a single standard of justice that applies to all human beings disregarding race, wealth, age, sex, etcetera. For example, everyone has a right to private property and anyone who violates it is to be punished. We all have a right to life, to liberty, and property and those who do not follow these rights, without caring who they are, should be punished.

Finally, the Romans provided knowledge in art, architecture, and many inventions. Aqueducts, the Codex of the Bible, Roman arches, columns, domes, concrete and a great many other inventions were created and/or perfected by the Roman Empire. All of this is clearly seen and even used today.


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