Who Is the Remnant?

Today, we live in a society where most of the people think alike in the supporting of what the civil government does to “help” the people. The civil government taxes, borrows, and inflates, to proportionate the people or special interest groups with economic resources. This system of political plunder has been at it for years and sooner or later it will fall to extremely disappoint all its believers. The deadline of paying the debt always comes, and the amount will be so great, no one will be able to or want to pay it, ultimately, causing a revolution of government.

This is when the remnant might arise, a people that never bowed themselves to plunder, that never believed in the falseness of the welfare state, but in freedom to do with their money as they wished. A small group of people that had quietly fought against the spreading of the civil government might come out, those that stood in the frontline to stop the civil government in crossing its boundaries and penetrating the rights of life, liberty, and property of its citizens. A remnant that talked and still talks about responsibility, freedom, limited civil government that only functions in protecting the life, liberty, and property of the people. A remnant that participates in speaking of a society that allows all forms of government to be equally balanced and that permits a good relationship between producers, distributers, sellers and buyers. This is all the free market. 



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