Events of My Autobiography

“As far as I can remember and what I have witnessed through pictures, ever since I was a little baby, until I turned about ten years old, I always shared a bedroom with my little sister. This was because my family and I went through years of economic lack and had not been able to afford a home with at least three bedrooms. I did not know why, but it seemed like all the hard work didn’t pay off for my dad, who was and is a dentist. He would go from door to door asking for the job and many doors would not open. Those early ones that did, only paid enough for us to barely eat, wear third rate clothing, and sleep on cardboard, but under a roof, of course.

However, all that hard work and loud knocking finally paid off, and after living lots of years of despair and lack, God allowed a season of joy to arrive, during the days I had entered the fifth grade. This season of our lives was of tremendous change and of wonderful economic growth. The total of rent was of 1,900 dollars a month, but we had two cars that were being paid, we would buy nice clothing, we owned cable, we paid all the bills, and we still had enough money to travel. Therefore, with a new home of 4 bedrooms, we were all somewhat happy, that is, until the instant I was told I now had my own bedroom to sleep in.

I slowly swallowed my saliva at the hearing of those shocking words, for I quickly knew what they meant. How could I sleep in my own room and without company? I had never done such thing and I can assure you it had never crossed my mind. These words might seem astonishing to many, but even though I used to sleep in the same room as my little sister, I sometimes felt so terrified of night, nightmares, and horrible imaginations that I ended up running away from my bed into my parents’ room, sweating from the nervousness, adrenalin, and heat generated from my sheet coverings that had once been the fortress of my protection.

All because fear, the greatest illusion, the expectancy of the worst, the demand of the unknown, and the walking in darkness would grab hold of me at certain nights, so much that my sleep was interrupted and I could not remain with my eyes closed. Even with the company of my sister or all the lights on, the grabbing hold of peace seemed unreachable without my parents’ assistance.

Therefore, if the company of my sister was not enough to help me sleep, sometimes, how could I afford to do it now, all alone? As much as I did not want time to pass by that day, the inevitable night came and I had to soon face the reality of change and the illusion of my fears…”

These are events I should include in my autobiography:

  1. How we lived in poverty.
  2. How we came out of poverty.
  3. And how I faced drastic changes in my life.

I believe that these three events will be stories that will help reveal what specific people thought, lived, problems they faced, and how they dealt with the problems. They will also help demonstrate how my family and I achieved important things, like getting out of poverty, something that is not easily achieved by the majority. I believe that these stories could become page turners and of relevance to the readers. If after what you read above, you do not think they are page turners and of relevance, please share your opinion with me.


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