Replacing a Legislator

A specific people in a specific district, choose a specific person to legislate them in order to have laws that favor them. They see that this person has ideals according to their needs. He speaks against the state gaining too much power, the unfairness of some laws, etcetera. The people vote and their votes give this man the victory. He is now a legislator that is traveling to the state capital to pass bills with laws that will help the people of his district.

However, what he doesn’t know is that a gang of lobbyists or bureaucrats are waiting for him to brain wash him and change peer group ideals. This gang will do what is necessary to transform the way of thought of this legislator in a way that will now favor the agencies that these guys represent. They will treat the legislator as a king, as a best friend, as a good old buddy to make him part of the group that votes for laws in a certain way that doesn’t care about the people, just the agencies.

His votes have changed and once, he was in favor of the state losing power, but now his votes are passing laws giving the state a whole lot of power. What has happened to his people back home? Well, they are angry or maybe just confused. They don’t know what has happened to the man who at some time was in favor of them. What should the people do? Should the group in a legislator’s district that got him elected monitor his votes, and recruit someone to run against him in the next primary if he starts voting wrong?

I believe that this is a good way to put pressure on the legislator that has now gone a couple of miles away from his former peer group. This pressure will favor the people of his district because they will be threatening to put him out of office if he doesn’t do as he said. He will now be a little bit more forced to pass laws that favor the people of his district. The legislator will now have competition coming from the members of his district and he will feel them “breathing on his neck”, therefore, he will make an effort to do things the right way and maintain his district’s ideals.


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