Family Government?

Is the family a legitimate from of government? Well, it might be the purest form of government that exists.  Why? Because all the members that constitute families are, by God himself, organized in a perfect hierarchy. This could be explained as the great difference between parents and children of experience, knowledge of right and wrong, strength, and man power to produce economic resources. This difference gives parents full authority to govern over their children.

However, that is not the only reason. Parents are the cause by which children came into existence. In other words, “mommy and daddy” gave the child the right of life, automatically giving them the legitimacy to raise the child. Unless, of course, an irresponsibility arises in any one of the parents to not respond for the life of their child, allowing other authorities within the family, like grandparents to take control over the child’s life, but if these authorities do not exist, other forms of government will have to intervene.

Although, in most families the parents are the sovereign authority that establishes the order of law by which the family is to be governed and both have great power to impose sanctions, and in many cases, they are both supported by their children or members of the family.

The parents hold the full authority to subdue their children into the receiving of sanctions whether good or bad, depending on what the child committed. The parents’ territory is their children and they have the absolute right to not let any other form of government trespass that boundary, unless, it involves a total immoral ruling, filled with violations of the individuals. However, in most cases the government of the parents provides proper moral education, economic resources, defense, support, freedom, peace, joy, and righteousness to the children.

I believe that families are the perfect role model for any other form of government. They are a group of people with absolute agreement in thought and judgment. They have a culture and identity, and the members that add up (children or siblings) adopt the way of government of the authorities within the family allowing continuity in the form of government. Family is the basis of society and without it no government, no nation, no organization, agency, institution, etc. would ever come into existence.


2 responses to “Family Government?”

  1. yamezcoloma says :

    I agree, Family is the original form of government and it is the first God ordained form of government and also the only one that will last for as long as humanity will.

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