Shooting at the Right Target

I am planning on writing an autobiography. I am at a young age right now, and if I were to write it in this period of my life, my target audience would be different if I wrote it 20 years from now. Today, my target audience would have to be teenagers, unless adults would want to read about the life of a teenager and learn something from it. I think that if adults read it, maybe they could learn a few things or obtain some ideas from the story.

In any case, today, my specific audience would be Christian teenagers or teenagers that want to have a breakthrough in their life. Why? Well, because I have lived a before and after life. I was born in a Christian cradle, but I lived ignoring God. Until I had a tough circumstance that forced me to open the door of my heart to the Holy Spirit of God and impact my life in a way that I never would have imagined. I believe that the events in my life would not bore teens out. I believe that even those that do not believe in Christ would find it interesting. Perhaps adults would like it too, I really don’t know, but I am hoping to find out.


2 responses to “Shooting at the Right Target”

  1. thejustonian says :

    1. it’s a good essay but you use way to many run-on sentences. can still right in a journal on events that happened to you on a certain day.

    • hecaloalc says :

      Thanks. You’re right, I have run on sentences. I will fix them. If you see any other mistakes in any of my essays, please let me know.

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