The Light, the Life, and Eternity

The book of Genesis exposes the origin of all things. Before there were the heavens and the earth and all that is within them, there was Elohim (God). God formed the heavens and the earth and it says that the earth was shapeless and empty. Darkness was on the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God hovered above the waters. Then God said, “let there be light” and there was light. The instant God commanded light to be, He released his order (organization or government) to the whole universe and that opened the path for His good creation to be made. God’s government over all things began through the light and before the foundation of time, in eternity, in Him. (See Genesis 1:1-4)

God inhabits in a different dimension than man. He lives in eternity. His understanding of everything is not compatible to the reasoning of the current mankind. (See Isaiah 55:8) God created all things from His dwelling (eternity). In seven days He did all things, and when the days finished, God rested from everything He had created and made in the sanctified seventh day. It is interesting that the bible never mentions that the seventh day ended. I believe that the seventh day is eternal. The seventh day is the only holy day that was sanctified by God. He is in the seventh day, God is the seventh day.  When Jesus was on earth, all the works He made, most of them He did on the Sabbath day. Does that mean that Jesus, a Rabi and creator of the law, did not respect the law? No, it means Jesus is the Sabbath day.

You see, the bible says in John 14:10 that Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him. Jesus is God. Jesus is the Beginning and the End. (See Revelation 21:6) This signifies that in Jesus everything has already begun and everything has already ended. God does not inhabit in linear time. He dwells outside of time, He is eternity.

Light made all things, because Jesus or God is the Light. “This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” (1 John 1:5)

The Light shines over the darkness and the darkness cannot prevail or comprehend it. The knowledge of Light is different than that one of the darkness that covers the deep. In Isaiah 60:2 it is mentioned that darkness cover the earth and darkness cannot understand God, Eternity, the Light, and everything that was made by the Him. The knowledge, reasoning, thought, etc. of this world is bound to darkness and thus it is lassoed to not comprehend Eternity.

The knowledge of the Light is life and the one of darkness is death. Life is not compatible to death and vice versa. God defeated death or darkness, through the light before everything else was made. Everything was made by the Light. (See John 1:3-5) Therefore, everything had the touch of life and eternity in them.

The spiritual realm is the realm of God and of Eternity. God is spirit and everything came out of Him. God is the sovereign above all. This ultimately means that the spiritual realm is the one that determines the physical realm. The entire universe came out of a Being who is spirit and lives in the realm of it, thus, the entire universe depends on the realm of the spirit, the reality of Elohim. The spirit realm is invisible. Even science says that we cannot see light, but we only see the reflection of it. This material world is the reflection of the spiritual one. If the sun, moon, and stars would all be gone, there would still be light. God is the Light.

And God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into man’s nostrils the Breathe of Life. In the original scripture the word used to describe “Breathe of Life” is “Ruach.” Ruach in Hebrew has two meanings, “spirit” and “breathe”. Elohim breathed His Holy Spirit into man and this made man a living being. Something very interesting to note is that the book of Genesis says that God made man to His image and likeness. God is spirit, God is holy, God is light, God is life, God is eternal, God is divine, God is love, etc. God does not have a body made of flesh. With this we can come to the conclusion that the likeness in the image that God gave man was in the spirit of man through the unity of the Holy Spirit of God, or Breathe of God.

I believe that God also made all of the animals out of the ground, but it was man whom was the unique created being to have received the unity of the Holy Spirit. God placed the man and the woman in the East of the Garden of Eden. In the center of the garden there were two trees, the tree of the fruit of Life and the tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. God commanded man to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for on the day he did so, man would certainly die.

As mentioned previously, what made man receive the life was the entrance of the Ruach into the spirit of man. The Spirit of God was nurturing man with the life and causing man to be the image of God. Elohim gave man authority through a will to choose in whom or what to believe in and act according to that faith.

The two trees represented the knowledge of Light, which is and brings life, and the knowledge of Darkness, which is and brings death. Good AND evil are the way of thought of darkness. Life OR death are the way of thought of God. The thoughts of Elohim are of freedom and of peace. God’s thoughts are of life and not of death.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” (Jeremiah 29:11. Notice that it says “of peace” and not “of good”.)

Adam and Eve had the way of thought of Elohim. Through the Ruach they viewed things the way God did. Adam had a similar creativity to God’s and he understood things as God did. In this manner, Adam knew every single characteristic that Elohim had placed in the animals and that is how he was able to name each one according to their specific traits.

Man had the fullness of the light in him while being in Eden with God. As long as man prevailed in obedience to God’s command and in belief of what God had warned the sanction would be, man would enjoy all the fruits of the Light and eternity. In God’s righteousness, man would have the Ruach of God and stay in the life with all the benefits that the Ruach gave man which were the knowledge of the Light, the Eternal Life, the image of God, etc.

That is when the adversary of God (Satan) came into play. The snake was in the Garden wanting to injure God’s heart by trying to convince man into separating from all that the Light is and die. The snake lied and told the woman that God had said that they could not eat from every single tree of the garden. The woman answered and corrected the snake in telling it that what God had really said was that they could eat from all the trees in the garden, except from the one that bared the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The snake lied again and told Eve that they could eat from the tree of good and evil, and when they did so, they would be like God. (Other translations, that are not the King James Version, refer to “gods”) (See Genesis 3:1-6)

What does this mean, “be like God or gods”? To fully understand this we have to see what took place with Satan, before he was the adversary of God. Satan was Lucifer, a beautiful angel made by God. At the instant the angel knew how beautiful he was and how good he was in the multitude of his contracts, he got filled with ego, pride, arrogance, and felt he could be like God and sit on His throne to rule over all, receive the praise, and create his own laws. Lucifer desired to be the sovereign above all. When God saw this, He cursed the angel and expelled him out of Elohim’s dwelling. (See Ezekiel 28-14-19)

This time Satan was in Eden using the same desire he had when he was in the heavens (to be God) to persuade Adam and Eve into disobeying God, losing faith in His word, and dying.

After speaking with the snake, Eve saw the tree and attracted her, so she ate from it and gave some of it to her husband. Man chose to believe the lie of the snake, instead of believing in God. Through his unbelief, man disobeyed God and allowed the knowledge of darkness to enter his life. Light and darkness, life and death, righteousness and evil, God and the devil, do not go together. Therefore, the moment man ate from good and evil, the life of God given by the Ruach of God left man. Eternity, left man, and from that time on, the days of man on earth would now be counted.

God cursed man and told him that he would return to dust. That through the hard work of his hands and the sweat of his brow, man would toil the ground in order to eat. As God had done with Lucifer, He did with man, and expelled them from Eden and took them apart from the tree of Life. However, God gave them a promise of redemption.

When God was cursing the woman, He said that she would step on the head of the snake and it would bruise her heel. This was a symbol of what took place with Jesus on the cross. Jesus stepped on the head of Satan and on the cross all the blood accumulated on his heel. God also made skin clothing for man, because through sin they knew they were naked. God sacrificed an animal foreshadowing what was to be done by Jesus Christ on earth; the light shining over darkness.

Man did die, because he left the immortality of eternity and eternity, by the Ruach, left man. Man prostituted himself and sold all he was for a mere satanic lie to sin. The root of sin, which is evil or iniquity, now was in the DNA of man. This DNA would now make man live for sin, which is darkness and which is death. This evil entered man’s DNA through the eating of the fruit if the knowledge of good and evil. For there to be redemption of the DNA, Jesus poured his own blood, and it is written that the LIFE of the body resides in the blood. (Leviticus 17:11)


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