The Self-Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

What are the benefits that I could obtain through the writing of my autobiography? Perhaps I may obtain new skills in writing that I never have developed. I could write about struggles during my lifetime and maybe learn something new from them, that I had never before realized. My great grandchildren and all of my future generations would be able to have a legacy of one of their ancestors, learn from my life, solve problems using my solutions as examples or role models, and maybe just read it to get entertained. If my autobiography is attractive to a whole lot of people, maybe, I could publish it and probably become famous, although, chances are one in a million. Another benefit I could be able to get out of it, might be the satisfaction of being able to help someone else through my life’s story. I can also eliminate many rumors that exist or may exist of who I am or was. If you meditate over it, you notice that many benefits come to you when you write an autobiography.


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