Price Controls Are People Controls

The civil government, many times throughout history has tried to control all things and subjugate all under its power.  Right now I shall talk about the market, specifically, pricing.

The government cannot have control over the prices in the market. It will undoubtedly bring control over people and there will not be liberty to buy, sell, and/or hire. There will not be any competition, this will only give privilege to a certain amount of people and put aside many others. Imagine all prices being the same, high. Where would the poor be left, the government will sustain them? How and with what? The money they tax from the prosperous, this answers both questions. This is plunder.

You cannot just control prices and not control people. Who owns the money? Who generates the money? Who buys? The answer to these questions is also simple, the people. Therefore, they should have the freedom to choose at what price to buy. It is convenient to both buyer and seller, because the seller will sell at a good price and the buyer will obtain at a good price. This will ultimately lead to an economic growth.

The government doesn’t care about prices, the people do. We all want to buy at a low price and sell at a high price and the convenient will come in this through bargaining. Bargaining is the agreement on the price between buyer and seller of a product. People are to control prices not government, specifically civil government.




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