Nothing Like Greek Philosophy

Christianity has been transforming throughout the centuries, sometimes separating from its true foundations and other times reforming partially back into them. Within all this changing, it has mixed with philosophies and other religious cults to become the divided Christianity we have today. Why? Well, mainly because people have wanted to understand the high thoughts and ways of God without knowing how to seek and secondarily because people have not desired to enter radically into the customs of the Kingdom of God and have desired to keep their traditions to avoid conflict. Perhaps one of the most common examples that clearly demonstrates the utilization of philosophies to understand true Christianity is the usage of Greek philosophy.

Using reason and human wisdom to understand the teachings of the Holy Spirit is one of the gravest mistakes one can commit. It will lead to you to confusing conclusions and to form religious structures that will obstruct the will and power of God in your life and land. Jesus Christ didn’t come to introduce a morality or a guidance to become a person of good conduct from the inside out. The great philosophers might seem to have similarities in their teachings with the teachings of Christ, but reality is that they are entirely different. Along other essays I have explained the major distinction and it all has to do with the way of thought. Here I will present many tools that will show you why it is erroneous to use greek teachings to explain or understand Christ himself.

Christianity nowadays is truly just another philosophy that teaches people to live a reasonably honorable life, just as the Greek philosophers intended to do. I believe this is precisely the result of using the philosophers to understand God. In the present, there is no significant difference between them and Christianity. It might pretty well seem that Christianity is the philosophies, only adding God to the equation. Jesus never designated this to happen, as a matter of fact it insults Him for it is easy to ignore Him and simply focus on His teachings. And this is exactly what has and is happening. The “concept” of there being only One and True God is little by little becoming more obsolete, lacking substance, reality, or power. In other words it is just a doubtful thing to believe that God exists or intervenes in all things. “Things happen, not because of a God, but because of accident, science, or mere human effort; reason.”

Jesus never said, “look guys, if you don’t get what I’m saying, just go to the Greek philosophers, it is all there. I am just here to talk to these ignorant Jews that think the Messiah is some guy that will deliver them from the Romans and make them the greatest military power in the world. I am here to explain to them that this is not true, but to show them that they had to use the philosophers to understand the law I gave them in the first place, just as others have done correctly. I am also here to create a universal religion that will unify all people into the worshiping of many things, but above all, Me.”

Jesus came in power and authority to preach, “Repent for the Kingdom of God has come.” Jesus came to reveal the Father to humanity (John 14:9) and demonstrate the essence of the law, which fundamentally also revealed the Father because God is the love (the law is summed up in love). He came to open the way for the pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the restoration of all that was lost in Eden by disobedience. This is the joining of heaven and earth (Ephesians 1:9-10), and the manifestation of the glory of God here on earth to live in eternal life since the now.

A church founded upon the teachings of Christ explained through Greek philosophies was never the purpose of God. The real Christian church is cemented upon the revelation of who Jesus Christ is. This is the rock upon which Christ would edify his assembly, not Peter, but the revelation of Jesus that Peter obtained from the Father. Mortal men, namely Popes, was never even thought by God to be the foundations of His church. That would be an unstable foundation easy to fall on the whims of sinful mankind. The mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:11) can only be understood through the spirit that is joined or joining to the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17). The Holy Spirit is the only one who can give you the understanding to understand the mysteries of God. (Acts 5:32)

One cannot receive words of spirit and life (John 6:63) with a way of thought that belongs to this world because the Spirit is not of this world (1 Corinthians 2:12). The mere definition of “earthly things” of Jesus is absolutely different than man’s definition. His still involves spiritual things and it is proven in John 3:12. You can come to conclude that if this “simple” meaning is very different for Jesus than for us, how much more in other concepts? For this reason Jesus spoke of repentance, which in reality signifies to change the way you think, not to say you’re sorry. He gave importance to the change of thought (Matthew 4:17) because He knew that the mental structures of this world hinder us from seeing, not entering, but seeing and knowing the Kingdom of God (John 3:3).

It is utterly complicated to comprehend the words of Jesus with a good and evil mentality, which is the one that governs humanity. It is also quite impossible to know God with a linear-time-mentality as His nature is eternal. That is why He died on the cross, to redeem us from our sins with love, to take out those who believe in Him from their worldly mentality, and to give the Holy Spirit to those who are willing to take the path of the narrow door. Not all those who say Lord, Lord and not all those who do wonders in His name, but those who do the will of the Father and receive the revelation of Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:24, notice it says ‘rock’), which is, by the way, the title of the book of Revelations (yes, it is not about the end of times). If you don’t believe this, just read Revelations 1:1.

The Holy Spirit is here, do not ignore Him, do not pay attention to the wisdom and teachings of this world if you want to know Christ, but instead seek His voice; repent. Greek philosophy will deviate you, confuse you, and take you to a religion that worships many other things except Jesus. Jesus will only be an ornament. You see, the primitive church had something philosophy will never have. It had the power of God and the capability to see and hear God through the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:32). That’s what Jesus told Nicodemus WE testify (John 3:11). They also had the unity of the true love, they had one mind and had all things in common, something you don’t find anywhere today. But why did they have that? Because they were one spirit with the Holy Spirit. In other words He was the only one followed, not a man, but the Spirit, this is why it says that Jesus is the head if the body, not men, but Jesus. Through Him is the only way you can explain and understand Him, not men, but Him.


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