Bad Choice Kourdakov

We human beings, many times, because of our ignorance commit terrible mistakes. Sergei Kourdakov was not the exception. He made choices that led him to a specific failure, and that was disobeying orders to savagely beat up Christians. Now, he could have done many things differently in the past to avoid entering a secret police that raised thugs with cold blood to beat up people, specifically “Believers”.

One of those things he could have done was to simply tell the truth. There was a suicide at the academy where he was in charge. And he was ordered to cover it up by telling a lie saying the kid was just drunk and died. He went and reported as he was told. This “obedience” got him noticed and in touch with certain hierarchies of the communist party and took him to grow in the eyes of every communist as a great leader. Therefore he was taken to the task of publically speaking in schools giving conferences about communism. Then, those speeches took him to be noticed by a mayor in the KGB, which was the police in charge to beat up people and take “care” of Believers.

If he would have not told a lie, but rather expose reality, he wouldn’t have been noticed by anyone, he would’ve been degraded and not end up being noticed by the KGB. He would’ve not fallen for the pay of a lot of money just to form a group and beat up Christians. A simple bad choice of telling a lie, took him to do something absolutely morally incorrect.


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