The Source of Human Rights

Is the state the source of human rights? This question is basically asking “is man the source of human rights?” Today and always, man has kept trying very hard to proclaim himself as the source of his own rights. Man wants to rule and govern himself he wants to be his own god. Rights are necessarily related to laws, and governing. The source of your rights is the one that controls you, all that you own, and all that surrounds you, it is your god.

Humans have a desperate desire of power, they want to feel it, experience it, taste it, and hold it in their hands. What very extraordinary power for man to have, if he was the source of his own rights. But then being the source of his own rights is not enough, he wants to be the source of the rights of other men, as well. Man wants to take control of others’ rights to life, freedom, and property.

He wants to become the god of others, to be worshiped and venerated, as the “Great Master” of rights, the “Creator of a perfect ruling”, and the “Owner” of every soul that walks on earth. What great feeding that is to man’s ego, satisfying it and letting it grow within man to gain power over others by proclaiming himself the source of rights. Would you like for someone to control your life, liberty, property, and even economy? An average and rational human being would answer a definite “no” to that matter. However, letting the state proclaim itself as the source of human rights is allowing man control man.

The constitution of the United States of America clearly says something that diminishes the power of the state over its citizens and, therefore, the power of man over man, that God is the source of all human rights. The Creator of all things is The Sovereign above all things and mankind, not the state. Man is not capable of carrying such power for corruption or personal interests will always be present, it is like I have said before, “man alone cannot govern”. Yet, the people seek man to solve the problems of man, man seeks man for protection. But man does not realize that in that refuge in himself, he is being plundered or stolen of all his rights through a bunch of lies and coercion.

God gives all men a free will to do as they wish and choose whatever they want to choose. God does not plunder you, terrorize you, or control you. He always gives you a choice to follow your desires or His. His desires are of blessing, wellbeing, joy, peace, and righteousness for all humanity. If the state proclaims itself as the source of human rights and we acknowledge this, whether consciously or uncounsciously, they will continue doing what they are doing, which is plunder, terrorize, and control the people. The state needs to know that they are limited by the mere constitution and that they have to respect and protect the will and the property of the people.

God created man, and He still gave us a right to choose as we wish and to do about free willingly whatever we want to in our property. Usually, when we create something we make it our property and let no one keep our control and dominion over it away from us, but God placed a will in us. In this, He allowed ourselves to be our own property, control ourselves, and do as we please, of course, suffering the consequences of our actions.

If God, our creator, gave us this right to property, why does the state not enforce it? With whatever we mix our labor, becomes our property, then why does the state take away our property? The government is absolutely incapable of being the source of human rights to life, liberty, and property, because somehow, it thinks it owns part of the life, liberty, and property of the citizens. If we all agree that God is the source of our rights, as the constitution declares, then no one, not even the “venerable” government can interfere with them. The state government is only to function as an enforcer and protector of human rights and be thankful that, at least, it can participate in something.


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