Books’ Impact

I have read a couple of books, yet none have impacted my life like the bible has. The bible is an extraordinary piece of literature. I know that this book that contains many books has not just impacted my life, but the life of many others as well. The bible contains everything you need to know about the Life. It is like a manual filled with wonderful mysteries that enable us to comprehend the living of a life that knows the answers to the many of the problems in the world.

This book, however, is not easily understood. You need the revelation of the Spirit of God to understand the bible. When we have Him, He can use many things to teach us, and one of them He will use most is the bible. This amazing book, as any other can be perfectly understood only by His author, therefore, you need Him to understand it.

This book indeed teaches. One single sentence can have a thousand teachings in it, but only one comes from the Spirit of God. This is what amazes me most about the bible. The abundance of teachings in the bible, and how many men wrote it in different ages, but all of their writings perfectly align with each other.

It has been a book that has suffered hatred and attempts of destruction to abolish it, yet none of them have accomplished their task. The bible impacts my life even as of today, but not mostly because of the things in it written, but because of the One who wrote it.


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