The Economics of Sacrifice

Value is subjective to the will of each individual person. However, the scarcity of a product or service might be a real factor in determining its price (value). Because it is scarce, it may be worth more. It is natural for society today to think about paper money when they hear prices, banks, savings, economy, costs, etc. Although paper money is not the only thing that can be used for trade, but it is collectively the most marketable commodity. Therefore, paper money, even though it is practically backed up or based on debt and thin air, not gold or silver, is very valuable to the hearts and minds of people. In other words, paper money has no real value, but illusive and subjective value that only exists in a way of thinking, but not in something that can be exchanged if paper money didn’t exist, like gold. Even though money is by no means scarce and worth something real, it is practically the most valuable thing that almost all people treasure. The love of money is the root of all evils.

Understanding the latter, we might acknowledge that when you have money you can practically obtain any physical thing and service whenever you want and at any price. We realize, then, that people are easy to control when you use the voice of money because money conveys authority. If you have the money, they have the time. It is as simple as that. Hence, money controls the decisions and thus the will of people. Something perishable controls an eternal spiritual being with a soul inside a body, also known as a human. You see, your earthly home, the body, is the only thing that dies, but you, a spirit and a soul, don’t. That is to say that if money controls our body and these two control our soul which in the end controls our spirit, instead of it being all the way around, we are far away from an eternal mentality.

This takes me to conclude that people who are focused in just this world are easily controlled by money. An example of that would be someone offering you this, “kiss the floor and I’ll give you a dime.” You say, “no”. They say, “Kiss the floor and I’ll give you 100 dollars.” That is when you start thinking about doing it. “100 dollars covers the monthly bills and I could still buy something to eat… Just for kissing the floor, that’s a bargain.” Maybe you, dear reader, wouldn’t do it, because you value your integrity more, but I bet there are lots of people that would do it. This answers the question why drug dealing is such an effective and lucrative illegal business that hires those commissioned by the government to work against them. You just give them a price, a million dollars or your life. They come to an agreement by oath or contract and done.

Things are alright when you are the one whose got the money, but when things turn the other way, that is when we are tested how much money truly controls us. And to be quite honest, today money is in reality truly owned by central banks, they choose when there can be an economic boom and when there can be a recession all the way to a depression, of course only affecting those who are controlled by money. They own the money because they create it and it is with their creation that we bid with in today’s economy. Yet things get more interesting when we get rid of paper money and restore gold as the most marketable commodity. Perhaps we won’t be controlled by self interested bank owners with egocentric plans, but we will still be controlled by the voice of money. It will be our lord helping us or practically forcing us to make economic decisions based upon its voice. That is the crude reality.

Knowing this I will now expose you to an eternal mentality. I guarantee it will make you feel uncomfortable if the voice of money (perishable voice) is the source of your economic structures. Before I continue, I want you to know that I don’t write of this as if it were a philosophy, a mere world view, a religion, or something similar, but as a reality that, whether we admit it or not, influences our daily lives. I know some might say that I am saying it too literal, and yes I am because, like I said, it is a reality. If we follow these principles we will be the most free and prosperous people on earth, all it takes is courage, faith, and love. In the end you will understand why I don’t prefer either “first come, first served” or “high bid wins” in the areas of my life.

Would you place a known thief as your economic steward or treasurer? Perhaps you think this is a stupid question and it might be to some, but your answer determines what voice you are listening to when it comes to economic decisions, the one of money or the one that comes from love. However, I know of a man in history that made history and did this defeating all the systems of this world, meaning that he was never controlled by any because he did not listen to a perishable voice. Jesus Christ placed Judas Iscariot, a thief, as the administrator of all the money Jesus received. The monetary system used in His time were gold and silver coins and yet He said to not trust in money and not listen to its voice. He listened to the voice of the Father and multiplied 5 pieces of bread and 2 pieces of fish to feed thousands, money didn’t control Him. He told Peter to fish out a fish that contained the money to pay for the taxes of the temple. By the way asking a rabi to pay taxes was a despicable insult that did not acknowledge He was a teacher. Even so, He paid for Peter and for Himself by fishing out a fish which had the money.

But why was He able to do this? What made Him special? Yes, He was the son of God, but He was also the son of Man and the second Adam. This means He was just as propense to falling in sin as the first Adam did. For this reason He was tempted in the desert. Notwithstanding, He was able to listen to the voice of the Father, the voice of love. Jesus did not take and He did not keep, He gave. Through giving He was victorious over everything and through this love He transcended time, space, and all limits. Nothing controlled Him, not even ego because He detached from everything in order to give His life and manifest the power and all the miracles. Rejection did not control Him, He died for love of those who rejected Him and even called Judas “friend”, right before he betrayed Him. Jesus knew who Judas was and what he was going to do, yet He still called him “friend”.

What I am saying is that Jesus was the man with the greatest freedom ever, then the primitive church followed this freedom after the Spirit fell upon all flesh. Jesus conquered freedom not by beating the system through bargaining, negotiating, or whatever, but by giving. That is how He acquired liberty and established that true freedom is obtained. The primitive church walked after this. When Peter and John were going to pray, they saw a man who couldn’t walk asking for money. Peter told him that he didn’t have gold or silver, but that he gave the man what he had and healed him. There was no needy in the primitive church. All those that had faith would sell their goods and place the money at the disposal to all those within the believers that needed things. Therefore all need was supplied through giving. This is one of the reasons they wanted to kill them, because they did not live under the systems of the world and through their preaching they were taking people to get out of them. These are the economics of the sacrifice of Jesus. If we give and detach ourselves from all that is perishable, we will be people that transcend time and space and we will make history. Nothing and no one will be able to control us. Give and you shall receive.

This is why I prefer giving because of love more than, “high bid wins” and “first come, first served”.

Note: Click here to read a little more about high bid wins and first come, first served.


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