The Sovereignty of Man

As I have written before, family is the perfect role model to follow by any form of government, except, perhaps self-government. Families are constituted in a way that we can easily identify the sovereign authority and the authority that is below such sovereignty, the laws that are within families and who establishes them, and the sanctions given, and who establishes them. Finally, families undoubtedly have a perfect form of continuity or succession.

I believe that the sovereign authority of the family should be God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I think that man alone cannot rule or govern because in certain or all areas of his ruling corruption will necessarily be present. But, since some people believe differently, I’m going to say that father and mother should both be the sovereign authority. Because they have been united in many ways, parents should be in mutual accord. However, in many or most cases it is the mother who is sovereign and in some cases it is the father, and in special situations, it is the children who govern the parents, sadly, but true.

In this way, we can identify the hierarchy within the family. According to my belief, first God, then father and mother united in one authority and the children subjected to that authority, until they obviously grow and are not under the authority of parents anymore, but only under the sovereignty of God, or theirs, whatever they decide. Nevertheless, in the majorities thought, first mother, next father, then children, or first father, next mother, then children.

Well, depending on who’s in charge in the family will the laws be. Usually, when the mom is the one in charge, she is the one that establishes the laws and the only one that imposes the sanctions. Most of the times, when the woman is in charge the man does not have any form of authority. When the father is in charge, the mother does have some kind of authority, usually. Sometimes, the children do cooperate with the laws, other times they don’t, because they want to do something else, and the desire of the convenient comes into action. Rebellion within the children arises and the power to enforce sanctions by the parents is put to test. If there is no order, the government of either parent will certainly fail. And the succession of that government will be put into doubt. If all else is opposite, the children will adopt the government of the parents and inherit everything to do as their parents did, only ten times better or worse, whatever the case.

To offer an opinion of the source of the sovereignty of the family, here is a little story. The other day I was talking with my grandfather and he said, “How can we expect a man to govern a nation and a church successfully, if he can’t even govern his own family?” And I asked this, “How can we expect a man to govern his family successfully if he cannot govern his own life?” This is a reality, man alone cannot govern, he cannot be his own authority or be the own authority of other people. Man needs God, or else he’ll fail. Therefore, the sovereign authority is God, and under that authority should be mankind.


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