Plunkitt’s Patriotism and Jobs

George W. Plunkitt was against civil service because it didn’t allow patronage to take place. He spoke of civil service as an anti-patriotic thing. This is why.

When he won elections, he would offer his opponents, The Republicans, jobs in a certain political role, because he said that people enter politics to get something out of it. So, opposite parties would be friends every day except on Election Day, and help each other out through patronage by giving their opponents jobs when either side or political party lost an election. When Tammany won, Plunkitt won and gave his political opponents jobs to gain money. When Tammany lost, Plunkitt lost and asked his opponents to give his buddies jobs and so they did, because Plunkitt had first given them jobs. However, Civil Service, according to Plunkitt, does not allow this sort of patronage to take place and it goes against patriotism because you lose the love for your nation.


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