Greek Religion Uncovered

It is interesting to see how the ancient greeks exalted reason so much, and yet believed in a whole bunch of stupidities that are pretty much irrational. If we are not going to be fond of their religion, then we might as well not be fond of their art, culture, etc. that basically ended up honoring their beliefs. We must renew ourselves and our society.

Most people do not openly recognize or ignore that the classical greek culture was filled with moral and sexual depravity. Most Greek art is what we would call today “a picture of a nude or half naked man or woman”. We need to wake up to the reality of things and truly challenge the substance of our beliefs and admirations. If almost everything done in Ancient Greek society ultimately was dedicated to their deities, then we must revise to the depths what this religion meant. For that matter, Hesiod and his Theogony, are a good place to start.

My theory is that Hesiod was a man that had somehow contact with the “dark side” of the spiritual realm. Therefore, he believed a bunch of lies and created a whole religion that honored hundreds of demon-like gods whom strangely provided the ethical models for mankind. I call them “demon-like” becuase they practically had no ethics, were full of hatred, wanted revenge all the time, lived sexually immoral stories, no one was absolutely sovereign, and many of them just desired to curse mankind.

While studying the Theogony, my attention was grabbed in noticing how Aristotle spoke of friendship and yet, believed in the Greek religion which says that Night gave birth to Doom, Fate, Death, Sleep, Dreams, Blame, Woe, Destinies, Avenging Fates, Deceit, FRIENDSHIP, Age, and Strife. And I asked myself, how can something give birth to both good and evil things or gods at the same time? I found the answer in Genesis, in the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which brought death to mankind.

You see, if Aristotle later said in one of his books that better than eudaimonia, human fulfillment is found in the worship of god, then what can we expect to obtain from his proposal of “human flourishing”? The friendship that Aristotle speaks about, because it is conditioned by his beliefs, also brings us Death, Doom, Blame, Woe, Avenging Fates, Deciet, and Strife. Why? Because everything originates from the spiritual realm, and if Night or Darkness, gave birth to all those demon-like gods, then Aristotle’s “good” Friendship is accompanied by them.

In Genesis, Good and Evil came together, and they did too in Hesiod’s Theogony. However, Elohim (the God of the Bible) separated Life from Death or the Light from the Darkness. His Light brought and brings His order to the universe because it seperates it from Darkness, which is Chaos or disorder. This brings me to my next attraction in Hesiod’s Theogony, where he says that Chaos is the origin of all things. Genesis says that God, especfically the Light of God is the origin of all things, but Hesiod attributes it to Darkness. Then we wonder why there is so much chaos in Western societies. Let me ask you something, has your reason solved anything?

Even so, we continue to hear everywhere we go that the Ancient Greeks gave the fundamentals for our Western World, and indeed they had their influence. In Hesiod’s Theogony you find that war and conflict were basic to the gods, that deception was universal, and that no resolution could be found to create peace. Does that sound similar to what we live today? I shall repeat it to you, everything in this physical realm originates from the spiritual realm. At least that is what the book of Genesis alludes to in saying that the omnipotent spiritual being of Elohim gave substance to all that exists.


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