The Earth and Plants

Perhaps you have never asked yourself of the importance of soil. Maybe you have not even attributed to it any special function or importance in your life or society. These sort of thoughts may be forming in you because, today, most urban western societies live in almost a soil-free environment. Now, I am not against having concrete or whatever, and the purpose of this essay is not to speak of the negative impacts of urban civilization on earth. But I am writing this because we need to become more conscious of the importance of earth than the one we give to our world. Why?

Life was not created with our world, but with earth (soil, dirt, etc.) and water. Out of the earth and the water came all of the living organisms we have knowledge of, and even those of which we do not know. The truth is that even in the most arid area there is life, for the mere reason that there is earth.

Therefore, if everything came from the earth and water, what then, were the first major organisms that came to be from these elements? If we can know those that were formed primarily, then we can come to understand an intrinsic relationship between those initial organisms and the earth.

These organisms are seeds and plants. Did you know that plants have a consciousness? They can detect the frequency of your thoughts and know, for example, if you will hurt or not hurt them. Plants are here on earth to serve us and they have an intimate relationship with earth because without it they would not be capable of birthing, growing, and reproducing, including underwater plants.

Earth and its soil provides plants with the necessary minerals, nutrients, and habitat to keep them alive and well. Hence, soil is not just simple “dirt” to hold the plant up and still, there exists a mutual influence between abiotic (nonliving) factors and biotic factors with soil. Weather/climate, temperature, moisture, acidity, minerals, insects, worms, fungi, microbes, animals, manure/wastes, and of course, vegetation, just to name a few, are all dependent of and affect soil.

Earth helped in the unfolding of life within the planet, and thus, it is important we begin to think differently of it. Let´s appreciate it.


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