Jail Is a Bad Idea

When someone commits a crime over a random person, the victim normally wants the aggressor to be put in jail. What the victim usually doesn’t know is that he or she loses more by sending the criminal to jail. You may ask, “How so?” Well, to be able to sustain the criminal with food, water, clothing, etc. and keep him or her in jail, you have to be subject to the involuntary transfer of wealth, also known as taxing.  Therefore, the person who stole from you, assaulted you, harassed you, violated you, injured you, killed one of your close ones, raped you, etc., has his or her amenities in jail paid by no else, but you and other fellow citizens, of course. Is this fair?

In addition, jail is a university that teaches criminals to be criminals with a doctorate in robbery, homicide, drug dealing, raping, violating human rights, and etcetera. When the criminal fulfills his sentence in jail he or she comes out as a doctor in crime. What can we do about all this?

I believe that there is something called restitution. With restitution, the criminal has to pay the victim the price of the crime that he or she committed over the victim. For example, the criminal stole 100,000 dollars from the victim’s savings, now, the criminal has to work for the victim and pay him back the 100,000 dollars. Through this process, the criminal has time to think about his incorrect actions and, in a way, redeem them without being surrounded by other criminals in jail. The victim doesn’t lose more money by being taxed, but actually recovers what was lost.

However, I think that the problem of restitution comes when the criminal committed a greater offense, like homicide. Let’s say, for example, that the victim’s son was assassinated by the criminal. How can restitution be done there? Would the restitution to be done, be the criminal’s life? Nowadays many people would say that this goes against human rights, but they ignore the victim with such statements. I would say that this type of restitution is to be decided by the victim, pay the victim back with money (a preferable resolution) or with the criminal’s life.

If the victim wants to protect the human rights of today, then they can put the criminal in jail for life and pay taxes to sustain him in there until he or she dies, or the victim diez.

Another case of difficult restitution would be when a man robs the virginity of a 13 year old girl. This is the reality. These things or crimes happen. How can the criminal restitute the victim’s virginity? Taking him to jail for 50 years would eventually lead the girl all grown up to end up paying involuntarily for his lodging in jail. In this case I also  leave the restitution to be done to be the call of the victim.

I believe that restitution is a better way to judge crimes. This solution would finally take us to the conclusion that if the state has plundered (taxed) their citizens, then they have to restitute all they have stolen from them.


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