The Incident

Helen Keller was a remarkable woman. She was perhaps one of the most genius people that have ever existed on earth, along with her teacher Anne Sullivan. She was a blind and deaf woman that learned how to communicate efficiently and understand the world maybe even better than those that can see and hear. However, it was not always this way.

She needed a breakthrough. Helen could see and hear up to the age of 19 months, until she contracted a terrible sickness that made her blind and deaf. She describes this feeling as being in a prison of darkness. She needed deliverance and her teacher Anne Sullivan arrived with angels of deliverance to set her soul free from captivity.

Anne Sullivan through what it seems was a patient woman and very persistent. She came to teach a blind and deaf woman, a task that many would call impossible. However, she was able to teach Helen and deliver her.

Helen received one of her first breakthroughs and I believe, most powerful, when she understood that everything has a meaning and a name. This was done by Ms. Sullivan first teaching her a sign language and then taking her to feel water run through her fingers and “writing” water on her hand. The incident led Helen Keller to understand that the fresh liquid running on her hands was called “water.” Now, Helen would be able to communicate.





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