Three Stories

I think that one of the stories I will include in my autobiography will be when I forcibly dropped out of school and how I spent almost two years without assisting. I think it might be interesting to let readers know the feeling of having everything planned in your scholar life and career life for the future and seeing it all come down to pieces. Many say or at least think that without school you’ll probably fail, but I learned lots of wonderful things throughout this experience. Another story I would have to write about was how my dad was kicked out of his home just because he began to believe in Jesus Christ and he had to choose from having all the money and things his dad offered and denying Jesus or accepting Jesus and putting all that behind, it’s not about me, but it’s part of who I am. The third story that needs to be in my autobiography should be when I was elected student body president of my elementary school, “the struggles, the nerves, the competition”, and all the things that an elementary school president election has to offer.


2 responses to “Three Stories”

  1. LilTheLoveBug says :

    Those sound like very impacting experiences; it is so awesome that you can take these hardships and turn them into lessons learned. Being able to take the good from the bad is such a beautiful thing, and I feel like it really does help people grow personally (on their own), and grow with others. Every time someone flips a negative situation, and uses it to put out positive energy, they are showing others to do the same. It is a chain reaction of such high vibrations, and it is contagious my friend. 🙂

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