Reconstructed Discourse

Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography? Well, up to date, I have only done about two speeches in my life. They were somewhat short and not very important. I, also, don’t believe they impacted or transformed the audience in any major way. Therefore, if I wrote rebuilt speeches in my autobiography they would not be mine, but rather someone else’s. I hope that at some point from my young adulthood I can begin giving speeches that have some sort of repercussion in people’s lives.

However, until that happens, I would have to include speeches from other people and yet, not in a very specific or reconstructed manner. Maybe, I could just expose a brief one or two sentence-theme-summary of the speech. Unless, I knew for certain that the whole speech would absolutely shoot at the reader’s heart and hit them to utterly convince them of something essential in life. In any case scenario, I would think that the best thing to do is to not take up a lot of space for a speech in an autobiography, specially my autobiography, although it can be possible for me to change opinions in this matter.

In conclusion, if you were to write a speech or speeches in your life’s story book, perhaps it would be because you have dedicated a great part of your life to giving them or listening to them. Or, they simply just were very important to your life and you hope those discourses might be special for the reader also.


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