A Disjointed Autobiography

Mark Twain’s autobiography is boring. There are many reasons why I think it is boring, and one of them is that it has no order and unfinished stories. Although, I do like reading the content that is in it written because this helps me analyze the mistakes he committed, that I may not commit them when I write my autobiography later in the future. However, a fact that cannot be denied is that Mark Twain was a good writer in the sense of describing things.

This is when I realized that we can be very good describers and generate pictures in readers minds almost as you imagine them or see them, but if there is no order, your story will take the reader to lose interest in it. This is the impact that Twain has been making in me through his autobiography, to lack the interest for it, because it is disordered. So, what are the things I can do to make my autobiography less disjointed than his?

Well, there are a couple of things I could do to make my autobiography have continuity and a series of events that have a logical following to the reader. I could order the events not necessarily chronically, but in the amount of impact or importance they had in my life. For example instead of beginning with my birthdate, I could begin with a story of an important achievement and go back in time to describe how I achieved it. Mark Twain sometimes doesn’t even describe how events came to be, he just smashes them in there and describes the event, but not the series of events that came before or followed it.

Also, I could start with making a day by day archive of the incidents that occur in my life. Then before writing my autobiography, choose the ones that might be of greatest relevance to the reader and throw out the ones that are less important. Then, I could order those events in any way that I find most convenient, to allow the reader understand my life, get interested in it, and be able to impact or teach his.

A third and obligatory choice, I always try to do when I write, would be to double check what you have written and perhaps obtain second opinions on it. There, you can find out what is irrelevant, incomprehensible, or out of place in your autobiography and change it for the better. These things, I think, can make the autobiography less unconnected and interesting, capturing the reader’s attention in a more successful manner.


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