Noah and the Ark

The fall of Adam and Eve brought a root of evil that invaded their DNA. This root of evil was and is iniquity, the foundations of all unrighteousness, which is sin, and which is unbelief in what God speaks. Iniquity takes man to believe in the lies of the devil and not have faith in the Truth. Our belief in the devil is what gives substance to the kingdom of darkness to govern us and not walk in the righteousness of God (faith in Him). This iniquity is where all ego, pride, fear, and hatred originate from.

Iniquity is the substance of the kingdom of darkness that enables it to govern us. Iniquity goes against the Love. Love is the fulfillment of God’s law through faith. Humanity lost this righteousness of God the moment they ate from good and evil. Mankind preferred to be governed by unrighteousness than by the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, darkness covered the earth and iniquity began to multiply throughout the generations, after Adam and Eve.

It was the belief in the lies of the devil (darkness) that “killed” the life of God in man. God’s designs for the creation and for humanity were and are always of life. God establishes His designs on mankind and mankind establishes them on earth. However, there came a time when the darkness in mankind became so dense that it completely obstructed the manifestation of God’s life on earth.

The lack of conviction of sin in mankind was very outrageous, that God repented from having created man. Hence, He purposed himself to destroy the earth, along with humanity, and along with the contaminated creation. But before He did so, His Spirit saw a man that still contained a seed of righteousness in him. A man that still had faith in God and loved Elohim in such a way that he would do as God commanded even if it went against his desires, reasoning, and was absolutely crazy. This man was Noah. Noah was someone who continued to have a radiation of the Light and could be a door for God to manifest His life on earth.

God spoke and told Noah that He would make water fall from the sky to flood the earth and wipe out humanity from the face of the earth, thus Noah should build an ark for his family and God’s chosen animals to be saved. It is important to note that rain had not yet come into existence, but Noah believed God’s word and through his faith, Noah obeyed Elohim. Because Noah was righteous and had faith in God, he allowed his family and all the animals that entered the ark to LIVE.

In this story we can receive a revelation of great many things. First of all, that God is light and He doesn’t tolerate sin or darkness, but He is patient and merciful with humanity. He is always looking for those who will allow Him to bless the earth and give us His designs of Life. Nevertheless, in order for us to receive His designs of life we need to live in the righteousness of God through our faith in Him. God sits on His throne founded upon righteousness and judgment. God will punish evil or iniquity, but reward righteousness with life and shalom (peace).

Finally, Noah, his family, and the animals, were able to live because they built an ark. The ark is a symbol of the presence of God. Therefore, it was in the presence of God that allowed Noah to escape death and enter a new heaven and a new earth. If Noah had not believed in God, Elohim could not have manifested His power and accomplish His plan of reformation and restauration for the earth, humanity, and the creation. Death and evil would have been victorious.


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