Is the State to Blame?

I’ve heard people say that the state does many great things for them. Don’t be fooled, just like the state may appear to do good things to you, it can also do bad ones. The more power you give the state to provide education, jobs, pay for your health, build structures, etcetera, the more it will have authority to take away from you. Just as the state seems to promote a so called liberty, behind the scenes, out of everyone’s attention it is enforcing slavery through the coercive power of law in taxation. Thus, the people by depending on the state for safety and economic resource give it the full strength to control them and plunder them.

When people acknowledge the state as the only legitimate source of government to obtain all resource and handle everything to establish the wellbeing of society, they are giving it a full expanse of sovereignty over their heads. By doing so, the people will soon be held at the palms of such government. Their freedom will be cut off and their prison will be the hands of the state government. They will automatically give the state the right to tell them what to do and not to do. It will be some sort of prostitution, where the people literally sold and gave themselves and all they own to the state. Either because they thought they needed it, or they thought they had no other choice. Is the state to blame? No, it is the people.


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