Equiano in the Navy

Eloudah Equiano was kidnapped from his home in Africa and sold to be taken as a save into the New World.  He started to witness things he never would have imagined at a very young age. He sensed the stench of slave ships packed with men and women living amongst their own cull. This took him to be extremely disgusted, enough to not want to eat. He saw how the African race was treated in those slave ships and in the Americas. They were chained, beaten, sickened, and killed. Eloudah was astonished to what his eyes saw and he lived with fear at all times, he felt he could trust no one, and was tormented by the things he would see. He wanted to flee and run away from that whole system of slavery.

Nevertheless, his attitude changed. He had been sold to be the slave of a high-ranked soldier and became part of the British Navy. He was about fifteen years-old and wanted to be part of a battle. He wanted to mature and become a man through war. He gives the impression that at the moment his wish got granted, he started to view the navy with some sort of loyalty. Eloudah had begun to see his ship-mates as a band of brothers. He saw them as people fighting together in agreement for one same cause. He almost believed they would give their lives for each other, including him. He viewed them with respect and appreciation. Equiano practically felt some sort of honor to be part of the British Navy and that he shared that honor with his mates.

Notwithstanding, one day Eloudah Equiano faced reality when he was drastically sold by his master. That was a move that took him by absolute surprise and brought disappointment to his life.


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