Solving The Problem

“You do believe in majority rule, don’t you?” Well, the truth is that I don’t and here is why. “Majority Rule” means that someone outside your body has the right to exercise control, authority, and/or kingship over you and by majority of votes. In other words a government can run your life and this be held as the right thing to do just because everyone says it is correct. Let me put it to you in this way.

The state government taxes, supposedly to help the economic sustainability of others. Yet this sort of “sustainability” is no different than the mere act of plundering. Why? Because the only thing that makes us tax is the law that the state establishes saying that if we don’t unwillingly give loads of our money to them, we will go to jail, thus, creating the involuntary transfer of wealth from one person to another. And we ask ourselves, “why does this happen?” Let me give you a simple answer, because of majority rule.

When we think and act as individuals we take full responsibility of what we are doing, we are conscious of the morality, the consequences, etc. Would one person morally conscious and responsible be able to plunder a bunch? Would we take a shotgun enter a store and tell the people to give all their money to us, or at least, as dumb as it may seem, just 40% of their income. Or, would one of us use that shotgun not to not take money away, but to tell others what to do or not to do with their lives? How would you feel about your actions? An average person with a somewhat sensible consciousness of morality would not allow themselves to do such things. Plus, the law would sanction the person who dares to do all these.

What I am trying to say is that individuals have the right to protect their own life, liberty, and property. However, when it comes to state, we assume it protects those three things because everyone voted for those people to enter office, but what it really does is control your life, liberty, and property. People allow the state to do so by plundering them, because of majority rule. Therefore, when it comes to majority rule (the collective decisions and actions of a group of people), individuals are less capable to take responsibility for their actions that have now become collective.

Take a mob for example. If you ask every single member to take responsibility for their actions, would they? They would not even feel they did something wrong, because everyone did it, and if the tiniest speck of the thought came to their minds the most they would do is blame their neighbor for the wrong. This seems to be part of the nature of man, “everyone does it and then, it must be right”. Why is it that when it comes to majority we lose wisdom, judgment, moral conscience, and responsibility for our own actions? A majority does not act; it is just the collective actions of individuals.

Now, I am not writing this to just criticize, but to provide a simple solution that is made difficult because of what we have been accustomed to believe. If voluntary action were to be found within us what I here propose should be able to be accomplished. We need to have a system were the people can trade ideas in a responsible way. Were all are morally conscious of the liberty, the life, and the property. I belive that in the free market, we are conscious of all three. 

In a market economy trade is done in agreement by both producer and consumer. They are conscious and taking full blame for what they are selling and buying and at what price. If you bought something, you know you did it out of your own will, money, and consciousness. No one forced you to buy that thing, but you were one hundred percent sure you wanted to buy it because you needed it for your own specific reasons. There was no majority of votes were you had to ask a million people to vote on whether or not you should buy such product, it was your decision, it was your consequence, and it was your responsibility.

Therefore, when you act as a single minded individual, you are more conscious of the morality of things and of the consequences of your own actions, thus, it is much easier to take responsibility of what you do or not do. This is possible in the free market, where people respect the property of each one of their neighbors and live tranquil, because they know that their life and liberty are protected, because there exists respect from others for their property.


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