Greater Responsibility

Responsibility is a worldwide acknowledged value that means, “The state, quality, or fact of being responsible.” Responsible means, “Liable to be required to give account, as of one’s actions or of the discharge of a duty or trust.” Now let’s also analyze the word personal, one of its uses stands for, “done in person without the intervention of another.” I shall now answer the question, “which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?”

In other words, “which promotes greater state, quality, or fact of being liable to give account, as of one’s actions without the intervention of any other person, the free market or the welfare state?” The free market promotes greater personal responsibility. This is because the free market allows no intervention of the civil government, except to protect the people involved in the exchange from theft, fraud, and/or violence. Unlike the welfare state that uses the involuntary transfer of wealth because of the impersonal irresponsible majority of votes that allows this to happen, the free market, allows a more face to face voluntary transfer of wealth.

When people act as a bunch, people are less conscious of the morality and for that make themselves less responsible for their actions. Majorities do not act; a majority is just the collective single actions of individuals, however, the common thought is, “If they are doing it, why can’t I? If everyone else does it, then it must be right.” Even if it means stealing from your neighbor, if everyone is doing it, an individual will “go with the flow”. Therefore, when you ask a mob to make themselves responsible for their actions, they won’t and even if the tiniest thought arises, they will at most blame their neighbor or everyone else.

In the free market it is all different. People have freedom to bargain and customer and buyer can agree on the price of a product, customers can be absolutely responsible to use their money however they like and suffer the consequences of their own decisions, whether good or bad. There is no intervention of other people and businesses to create a product need the simple or great cooperation of millions of people to create one small product, and many people do not realize it, like in this video: I, Pencil: the Movie


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