A Perishable Voice vs. An Eternal Voice

Money, the most marketable and thus most valuable commodity in this world, is perishable. Money has a manipulating voice governed by the fear of mortality, because everything that is mortal perishes. With money, you have three possibilities. Number one, either you are a “rational person” and administer it according to the measuring of your fears and waste it to the suitability of your needs and some wants (not all, to not waste it all). Second, you save it by throwing away the key of your strongbox to never waste it or give it. And number three, you make it “oil” money that you cannot sustain with your bare hands and just as it comes, it goes carelessly.

This is why most people make a budget. We try to predict our future incomes and expenses so that we do not lose money and end up looking like fools. Like I said, the voice of money is one of manipulating fear. The more money we have in our savings and the less we lose of it, the more secure we feel because we believe that we have overcome that which is perishable. In the end it is just an illusion that blinds us to the fact that we have not attained that which is eternal. The crude reality is, that money today is simply unbacked trading paper with people’s pictures that can be burned, ripped, or whatever.

The mentality of survival, which goes against the one of eternity, governs us. When our life is threatened by scarcity, most people will do whatever is necessary, and I mean whatever, to avoid death. History is a proof of this. And history, too tells us a story of a man who purposely gave it all and became poor because for love of people who didn’t love Him, in the strict sense of the words, to overcome mortality. His story truly goes against a survival mentality that tries to predict the future in order to not die. As a matter of fact, He died to gain life and by this He overcame everything that is perishable, including the fear of mortality. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Lose your life to gain it. Work for the food that doesn’t perish. Seek me and do what I say, not the things that belong to mortality and I will give you those things, plus eternal things.” It is not a matter of pretty moral, philosophical or religious words, but a matter of reality defeating illusion. He said, “Follow my example. Whoever believes in me will overcome all mortal things and have the eternal ones. Do not let money be the voice of your decisions, but let it be my voice.”

With this I am not saying that we must not be prudent with our money, but we must not depend on that which is mortal for the complete sustainability of our lives. In other words, where do you base the security of the continuity of your life in this world. If the structures of the voice of money govern your decisions according to money and not the eternal voice that comes from eternity, you are far away from living the reality of a life that is not perishable; the life that One man brought to this world. If you guide yourself by His eternal-life-voice, you will not have the need to make a budget to avoid impulse shopping because you will not be guided by the voice of money that determines prices of commodities in the first place. I encourage you, dear reader, to believe in eternity.

Now I am not talking about being super rich, but about the reality of overcoming all fears, including the fear of mortality. Jesus the Christ, revealed the nature of eternity, and this is giving. He conquered eternity by dying. The well known verse of John 3:16 proves both of these statements. You see, perfect love casts out all fear and the nature of love is giving. Real love loves those who don’t love Him. This is truth and this is a real freedom mentality because you are not bound to or bound by mortal things; you live in eternity and are eternal. You know what He says, “the truth will set you free.”

Truth that comes from a conquered eternity and takes you to live in eternity today, not when you leave this carnal body, meaning, in the future. This is because all physical things are subject to invisible and eternal ones. This is proved when Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed thousands or when He resurrected and surprisingly, it is also proved by quantum physics. All perishable things are subject to eternal ones for those who decide to introduce themselves into an eternal reality through faith by love in the giving. Nothing can bind eternal things, this why I don’t believe in anticipating the future to avoid death or “the worst”, because I believe in eternity. Of course, with this I am not saying to not pay what you need to pay or to go around and lose money randomly. I am talking about the reality of eternity in our midst and the living within it today.

What do I encourage? That it is wiser to believe and depend on He who is eternal than a perishable paper. This will deliver you from the bond of mortality and will take you to live a truly wise life full of wise decisions. Real freedom, real prosperity, real peace, real joy, and real righteousness, in other words.


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