About Hector

Hello, I am Hector, I study in the Ron Paul Curriculum and I am using this blog for this school’s assignments. I hope you enjoy my essays and learn something new from them. They are filled with interesting things about government, history, civilization, people’s lives, my life, personal thoughts on religion, God, and scientific facts. I will be glad to hear from you.

The following video contains brief information about the Ron Paul Curriculum and my experience of studying in this outsatnding school.


This is my sister’s blog:





15 responses to “About Hector”

  1. bmorales14 says :

    like the new look!! 😀

  2. Baroque Myriam says :

    I really like your new theme and background pic! Also, I really enjoy reading all your essays (as long as I have the time…) 🙂

  3. jaromb1234 says :

    I also do Ron Paul. Check my website:sbessays.wordpress.com.

  4. jaromb1234 says :

    I Like your background, its like it is floating in water.

    My Blog Is: sbessays.wordpress.com

  5. Justice says :

    Hi Hector, Would you mind editing one of my essays? If so, I am doing the 8th grade english class on the RPC.

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