So What?

Every single day of your life is important. In them you always learn something new; you always solve problems or encounter new ones to overcome. Every breath is valuable and therefore each day is, too.

However, when you write an autobiography, you can’t include every single detail of your life. If you do this, you will bore your readers out, unless you lived a life in which every second was intense. We must always ask ourselves the question, “so what?”, in analyzing the content of our autobiography and almost every piece of writing we read or write. The events of great relevance and perhaps, of great interest to the reader are the ones we should incorporate in our autobiography. These events are:

  1. Those that shaped you for the rest of your life.
  2. Those that shaped others’ lives, including your family, community, and nation.
  3. The problems you faced and how you solved them.
  4. The problems others’ faced and how they solved them. Including your family, community, and nation.
  5. The current or past situation of your nation or community and how it influences your life and your family.
  6. The series of events that took you to achieve something important and at least impacted the life of one person.

When you write about these events, you must take into account to whom you are addressing them and be certain that they will find them interesting enough to turn the page. You must organize them in a way that makes sense chronologically. You must try your best to create mental images with your words. You must be able to generate the readers’ sympathy and be capable of persuading them. Finally, you have to know that the resolutions will be good enough to leave a legacy to future generations. I believe that the question “so what?” might pretty well be the one that determines the success of an autobiography and maybe every single type of writing that exists.


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