Why Notes for an Autobiography?

To write a more precise autobiography it is important to take daily notes about what happens every day of your life. This is kind of like what you do in a diary. In the same way you need to take very good notes to study accurately, remember the information, and succeed in a test, you also need to take good notes for your life’s story book to succeed.

Inside those notes you must include dates, places, explicit descriptions of the places and surrounding circumstances in your personal life, family, neighborhood, community, city, state, nation, continent, and world that are influencing your way of life. You must file the names of the people you talked with and descriptions of their characteristics and traits like, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Conversations that were of relevance that day, which you had with the people around you or heard them having, are very important to archive. The specific thoughts you had, emotions you felt, and the point of view you had towards certain problems are essential to take note of. Finally, not every day might be important to write about in your autobiography. Therefore, keep a look out for extraordinary days that shaped you for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to really describe every event that happened in those highlighted days in your notes.

Why bother to write notes? Simple, because not every day you live through will be perfectly memorized in your head. Thus, it is important to describe the people, things, and events around you going on in your daily life to create a more complete and attractive autobiography.


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