Real Entrepreneurs

What motivates people? The answer to that question is so broad and subjective that it is difficult to give a fixed one that applies to everyone. However, I still believe that anyone will agree that we can find one common thing for the majority of people and that is money. Many times, throughout history, humanity has lived through great breakthroughs because of needs. For example, the “A” group of people needs a better way of communication and the “B” group of people needs money. Hence, group “B” develops the creativity and ability to supply group “A” with the need of a better form of communication in exchange for the supply of their need, which is money. Of course, more than half of the people who wanted the better communications would sooner or later find that one of the greatest benefits of having these will be tremendous economic revenue, being money the main one.

This is what an entrepreneur does, he or she seeks creative ways of providing personal and general needs and he or she does so by being more intelligent than the competition, being future oriented (this doesn’t include fear of the future because of past errors), and finding new, creative ways of supplying needs. There is nothing wrong with needing money, there is nothing wrong with wanting money, and there is nothing wrong with making lots of money, the problem is when an entrepreneur is motivated by the love of money.

An inherent trait that a real entrepreneur has is creativity and creativity is boundless. Money is limited. Therefore, if you use a limited tool to motivate a boundless one, you will automatically cause your creativity to be limited. You will be fulfilling a saying that goes something like, “the size of the cage determines the freedom of the captive.” It is the job of the captive to determine if he still wants to continue in the cage. But who can do that when the cage is money, to many a synonym of heights and glory.

And that is precisely the problem, an entrepreneur’s success is determined by what he believes and our beliefs are determined by the way we have been molded. This defines another characteristic of entrepreneurship, and that is boldness. One has to be bold enough to break the mold of the fear of past mistakes. Sometimes we are afraid of doing extraordinary things because of the fear of failure or because of discouraging voices that we have heard throughout our living. A real entrepreneur is not common, but stands out because he is different, beginning with his thoughts and beliefs. He or she sees things common people don’t and he or she figures out how to supply them.

There are many wonderful traits that belong to true entrepreneurs, yet many of them are hampered by the love of limited resources (yes, this includes time). I believe that an entrepreneur should not be motivated by the words of “ka-ching, ka-ching” or “tic tac”, but by the words “love your neighbor”. If this becomes our foundations of supplying needs, there will not be any boundary to our creativity and we will have a whole different society aimed towards eternity.

Now, do not misunderstand me, obviously time is valuable and I am not saying we should waste it, but we should invest it wisely. However, time at a certain time in life gives out such a loud voice of surrender that almost no one overcomes. In other words, it is never too late to fulfill something that goes beyond anyone’s expectations, including yours. If you die trying, so be it, but a least you didn’t surrender to the voice of time speaking the limits of death. A real entrepreneur overcomes all odds.


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