Good Heart Attack

Jim Lehrer had a heart attack in December 11, 1983. It is really impressive that a health misbalance was his wake up call to view the reality of his personal life and what now surrounded it, a hospital. He came to notice what he perhaps hadn’t, and that is the fragility of life here on earth. One simple heart attack made Jim Lehrer change his life in a very good way.

With his, what I call, “awakening”, he made a list to be healthier or at least be prepared and made a second list that increased his passion to collect bus signs. Other lists were to have a focus on priorities and to avoid stressful things. He realized life could be short and began thinking and planning just five years ahead from where he was. But it seems like Jim needed another small push to change greater things and that’s when the bypass surgery came in.

The surgery made him change a whole lot of horrible habits that are bad for any age, but specially his age. One of them was smoking. Jim leaves it really clear, that all you need to quit smoking is a heart attack. I think that you could add to that ending of a physical and psychological smoking addiction, the great fear of hospitals and the pain of a surgery. However, that was not the only habit. He also changed his diet dramatically. From eating junk he began to eat real food, healthy food, like fruits and vegetables.

Jim Lehrer also realized that sometimes in life we need rest and when he started to go back to work, he started to take naps every day. This maybe took him to be a bit more fresh and relaxed.

I believe that one of the most important things that came along with the heart attack was the vivid knowledge of the experience. He now had more understanding of what a heart attack was than any doctor could ever have and he used that knowledge to do good and used his job to do good and told people how to take care to prevent a heart attack. That information saved lots of people’s lives.

I may not be mistaken to say that the most important thing Mr. Lehrer came to do after the heart attack, was the continuing of what he loved to do most, writing. He began to write novels, with not much success at first, then wrote plays and that didn’t work much either, but he kept at it. His perseverance led him to the publishing of 19 novels, and becoming one of the most successful journalist fiction writers that have ever lived.

What a good slap in the face to come into sense that heart attack was. He started to take care of his body, perhaps lived longer than he could have, told people to “beware of heart attack” and did two things he loved most that helped him enjoy life, collecting bus signs and writing. It is amazing to notice that strongly difficult situations in life will take us to a better lifestyle.


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