State Subsidies and State Control

The state many times provides the people with economic resources. The people get content with those resources for they supposedly help them. However, the freedom of the citizens is at stake when they allow the state to provide them with these subsidies. Why? Well, because the people forget or really just don’t pay attention to were the state obtained the money from. The answer is simple, through taxation. They get the money by taking it away from the people, automatically taking away the liberty to do what one wants to do with his or her own money.

When the state provides the citizens with money, the state is the parent of the people and they are forced to be submitted under the control of the state. It is a reality that comes from parents and children and applies to state and citizen. A child is under the total authority of a parent because the parent gives the child economic resource in order to survive. If the state supplies the people with subsidies in one way or another, it will have control over the people, it will become the parent of the people and no independence will be found within the citizens. So the answer to the question, “Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?” is undoubtedly no. It is not possible to have subsidies from the state without giving power of control over the people to the state.


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