Righteous Governing

Is it righteous for the state to transfer the wealth of a people to another? I believe that the justification of this governmental action is measured by the will of each person as an individual. In other words, if the distribution is voluntary or involuntary, and the idea of his or her wealth being distributed is conceded by that single human being. However in the world we live in, that is not the case.

The state basically needs to coerce in order to make the people surrender a specific amount of money. The state has to force them through the law and by the law. “If you do not do it, you will be punished.” Did you commit an evil, a crime, some sort of wrongdoing to deserve your money being taken away from you involuntarily and given to someone else? The answer might pretty well be “no”.

The state, by enforcing these actions is inevitably exercising an amount of control over the people’s lives, and extending the conclusions of Locke’s theory of self-ownership, this means that the state partially or totally owns you and everything “you” posses. The citizens are the property of the state. All of this is done through the absurd excuse that Rousseau proposed of general will. The state says that what they do is the best for the people, even though, you might think you don’t want it, you really do. This philosophy leads to chaos. We can see the chaotic effects of this philosophy when people create wars, terrorist attacks, viruses, disease, and etcetera, in order to increase or protect the economy of the nation, and most importantly, in their personal lives.

Think of the Tale of the Slave once more. In those times, the slave owners felt the authority and freedom to exercise a range of control over their slaves, because ultimately, whether they were working in the plantation, whipped, and without the liberty to make a choice, or allowed to vote, given amenities, and a certain amount of freedom to do what they wanted with the condition of rendering a specific amount of their winnings to their owner, those men were owned by others. Today, in so many governmental areas, it is no different.

In the present, people give up all their rights to the government, in order to receive protection from them. In the end, they are slaves. The system of slavery in the 1800’s was abolished around the world, until people started acknowledging that it was unrighteousness. It was finished in the United States of America through one of the most terrible forms of chaos, a civil war.

Therefore, when people are coerced through the law to give up their money, they are being treated as slaves, and surprisingly, some allow it or ignore it and think it is right, because either they want protection or “government donations”. Until people start realizing that this type of plunder is wrong, it will never stop. What solution do I propose? I think that the free market will be a good option.

You see, while we are still fighting through philosophies, religions, and beliefs, this system (welfare state) keeps going on and on. No accord is raised, just a bunch of infinite debate that distracts us from the objective, which is obtaining a resolution of righteousness. Therefore, when it comes to philosophies, religion, and people’s beliefs, nothing will change, acts based on facts will. The constitution of the United States clearly says that God is the source of human rights and He respects our will. Thus, in the free market economy  there exists a great promotion of self-responsibility and in it the respect and protection we need for our life, liberty, and property. Because in it, the civil government is limited.




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