Job Application Example

Hello there, as a job applicant there are many traits that clarify the reasons why it is important for you to consider hiring me.

First of all, my growth has been divided in living and studying in two different countries, the United States of America and Mexico. Through this I learned two languages perfectly, English and Spanish. I also understood both of the countries’ cultures and histories. I have experienced being under two very different systems of education, homeschooling and normal schooling. Experiencing this took me to become a self-disciplined and responsible person that can work efficiently both by himself and with others. Changing through systems, cultures, and countries made me a very adaptable person to drastic new things and a fast learner.

In a couple of times I have given public speeches, the biggest one I have given is perhaps one having to do with an investigation about psychosomatic diseases. I relate well with people and know how to lead. In elementary school I was chosen student body president and in high school I was elected president of one of the groups in a model of the United Nations. These events in my life took me to be molded in the areas of leading and organizing groups with character and authority.

I know how to gain the trust of people and stay trustworthy. I am a good listener and observer paying attention to the tiniest details. People feel comfortable being around me. I have the gift of seeing people’s potential and motivate others, while also being self-motivated. It is difficult for other people to make me mad, impatient or desperate. I know how to design web pages and create simple virtual art through programs like corel draw, an example of this is this blog. I have worked giving English language classes to non-native speakers. At home I was always the one incharge of cleaning the house (sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming), thus I know how to serve others with integrity. These and many other reasons make me fit for the job, hire me and discover them.

I thank you for investing your valuable time in reading this essay, I hope to hear from you soon.


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