Morally Evil System

In his autobiography John Thompson provided more than enough evidence to completely prove that the South’s slave system was morally evil. I mean, the mere fact that many slaves preferred death than to withstand the living in that system. He exposed stories that proved that some owners were not just tyrants, but sadistic. Like the story were a woman lashed an eight year old girl just for breaking a dish and the woman would just beat her and beat her even though the little girl’s blood was being spilled all over the house’s floor. He added to the renowned stories of how black women slaves were basically raped or seduced by their masters, others whipped to death or near to death, and others hanged fighting for their freedom, and etcetera. African American slaves did not have protection of their rights and Thompson’s book is filled with examples of those so called sanctions but rather acts of violence that neglect the natural legitimate boundaries of the personality, liberty and property of human beings. However, God is a righteous God.


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